Ashurst Package

More time for you

A flexible package for the smaller budget

Ashurst PackageThe ‘Ashurst’ 5 hours monthly package

Suitable for those with a smaller budget who are looking for regular flexible support. The ‘Ashurst’ Package includes 5 hours monthly virtual assistance and regular ‘review’ meetings (via Skype/phone).

Decide whether you require Social Media Marketing or Secretarial/Admin Services – perhaps you need a combination?

Prioritise the tasks you need doing – these are likely to vary from month to month – Qwerty Girl VA will be delighted to work with you to identify the most important objectives.

Contact us to discuss your unique requirements for virtual assistance.

Social Media:

£175.00 (US$225.00)


£125.00 (US$160.00)


£150.00 (US$195.00)


Additional Charges:

  • Mobile/Landline calls; printing; stationary and postage will all be charged at cost;
  • Mileage will be calculated at 45p per mile;
  • All receipts included with the invoice.

Required prior to commencing work.


Via bank transfer/direct debit arrangement is accepted.

Adhoc Package

Adhoc tasks without a long-term commitment.

Burley Package

For business owners who require more regular assistance

Calshot Package

20 hours weekly assistance for business owners