Overwhelmed, with no time?

When there is too much on your 'To Do' List
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Do what you do best, with flexible office support

Overwhelmed by paperwork? Consider flexible office support.

Qwerty Girl Virtual Assistant exists to meet the needs of small businesses and professionals for online office support. We provide remote secretarial, admin and social media support to your office, wherever that is. We are the solution to feeling overwhelmed, with too much to do and no time to do it. Stress affects work-life balance, stealing your energy and decreasing productivity.

Wave ‘goodbye’ to feeling overwhelmed

An extra pair of hands would give you more time in the day for work, rest and play

Qwerty Girl’s virtual assistance helps busy, hard-working people like yourself achieve more in their working day. Book our online support and free your time to do what is most important for you and your business.

Take this opportunity to restore calm in your life and enough flow to move forward.

Who benefits from Qwerty Girl’s virtual, personal office support?

Small Business Owners / Entrepreneurs

Start-ups need expert ‘know-how’, skills and resources but often there is too much ‘To Do’ and no time to learn ‘as you go’. Furthermore, employing somebody permanently is not an option either.

Your business is successful and may be growing, but when you should be developing your network and business leads, you find yourself catching up on all your paperwork instead.

Easy to feel overwhelmed, isn’t it!

Professionals (solicitor, real estate agent, executive director, therapist, lifestyle coach)

Always on the move yet needing transcriptions of interviews or notes typed up immediately!

Writers or Bloggers

Who may lack the resources they need to carry out research for a book or article being written; or who feel that regularly posting updates on social media is too time-consuming.

Academics and Students (especially if English is your second language)

Deadlines are looming! You want ‘fresh eyes’ and objective support to help proof-read your manuscript or Masters/PhD dissertation before the submission date. The formatting needs to be presented correctly, according to relevant guidelines too.

Students – Did you know?

The References or Bibliography list for your Thesis or Dissertation can be automatically generated in MSWord, if set up correctly before starting your research. Imagine how much time you will save as submission deadlines approach.

Busy, overwhelmed parents

Consider virtual help to juggle the odd, occasional, yet time-consuming task that comes up, such as price comparisons (utilities; insurance; domestic appliances); gift buying; organizing a family celebration or perhaps handling major life-change like relocation.

Take the plunge and find out how Qwerty Girl VA can help you.


Having more time and flexibility in your day, so you can focus on what needs your attention most. Focus on what you do best and leave the details to a reliable, practical expert!

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