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Are you so busy with your clients and paperwork that you simply cannot keep up with social media posts? Is finding time online to research relevant, interesting content for an article on your blog impossible?

Running a small to medium sized business, you want to make the most of social media, but that requires know-how and a regular investment of time you don’t have.

It has never been easier to grow your business, promote events or target your advertising, using social media in the right way. Outsource your social media marketing to Qwerty Girl VA. Simply decide the number of hours and type of support you need, to suit your budget.

Social Media Marketing Support 

Qwerty Girl VA offers an initial free consultation to assess your current online marketing and thoughts on future branding. Support can be provided for the set-up and/or ongoing management of various social media platforms.

Set Up / Maintenance / Management

  • E-Newsletter – template creation; email newsletter; contact lists.
  • Facebook – Business and Group Pages – create; post and engage; negative comment alerts.
  • LinkedIn –
    • Profile (set up; review; update; content posts). An under-utilized small business tool, LinkedIn aids networking (find new customers; display testimonials).
    • Company Page (set up; review; update; content posts).
    • For Jobseekers 
  • Marketing – an integrated approach campaign could include:
    • build customer loyalty, increase awareness of your business with regular, targeted, social media marketing.
    • scheduling of regular posts and content on one or more social media platforms.
    • regular e-newsletter (MailChimp).
  • Research – Competitor Analysis; or Google Analytics feedback on your website or one of your social media profiles.
  • Twitter – Profile set-up.
  • Video –  marketing videos.
  • Website – review, updating and maintenance (WordPress) plus negative comments alerts.

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  • Social Media Strategy for Business (Pitman Training: Sept 2015)
  • Marketing Essentials (Pitman Training: Nov 2015)
  • Facebook for Business (Pitman Training: Jan 2016)
  • LinkedIn for Business (Pitman Training: Feb 2016)
  • Twitter for Business (Pitman Training: March 2016)
  • Google+ for Business (Pitman Training: Nov 2016)
  • Blogging for Business (Pitman Training: Nov 2016)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (Pitman Training: Nov 2016)
  • Video for Business (Pitman Training: April 2017)
  • WordPress for Business (Pitman Training: May 2017)
  • LinkedIn for Jobseekers (Pitman Training: July 2017)
  • Instagram for Business (Pitman Training: Nov 2017)
  • Pinterest for Business (Pitman Training: Nov 2017)

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