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Solution: Qwerty Girl Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance providing remote office support offers a solution to overwhelm

Increasingly, businesses and time-driven individuals, such as entrepreneurs, bloggers and even celebrities search online for remote or virtual assistance to meet their unique needs. These include administrative, secretarial and specialist support, such as web-based marketing and accountancy.

With the advance of technology, particularly in communications, these services have become available virtually, from anywhere, and today, the Virtual Assistant industry has become one of the economy’s fastest-growing sectors.

Key Benefits of a Virtual Assistant (VA):

(1) Flexibility

  • A VA is available on an hourly, part-time retainer or on an occasional, ad-hoc basis – as required;
  • Virtual Assistants are paid only for the hours that they work; and
  • You, the client, choose the service package which best suits your needs. Perhaps you only need an extra pair of hands during the busy periods (for example during the Christmas season; or the Tax Year-End period; or for looming academic deadlines).


Having virtual office support whenever you need it, since the hours you require secretarial, administrative or social media marketing help might need to change on a monthly, weekly or daily, basis!

(2) Time-saving

In today’s society, time is limited and yours, therefore, is valuable: 

  • Employ a VA to be your ‘right-hand’, so you can spend your time much more effectively. Then the only question will be how you want to spend that extra time…  Will you spend it…
    • Networking?
    • Planning the next step to grow your business and doing the research?
    • You may finally take that holiday in the sun and have a healthy break instead.
  • Delegate those tasks you do not personally need to do and free up your time. You will de-stress your life and the result will be that you can,
  • Re-gain control once more; work more efficiently and therefore enjoy life more. You will create a better work-life balance and flow…  with Qwerty Girl’s virtual assistance – Book now!

(3) Cost-effective

Yes, virtual assistance is cost-effective, because

  • Outsourcing tasks which don’t specifically require your involvement is smart business savvy;
  • Forget about the overheads (office equipment; National Insurance contributions; sickness absence; pension schemes; holiday pay; PAYE costs) and ‘hassle’ involved with employing a permanent member of staff; finally, there will be
  • No need to make physical space available for an employee in your office, because Virtual Assistants usually work remotely.

Starting to realize that outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant would resolve your feelings of stress, free up your time and create flexibility?

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Administrative, secretarial and specialist support

Learn which tasks can be outsouced

Administrative and Secretarial
  • Customer Care Support – response; follow-ups;
  • Diary Management – booking appointments and venues;
  • Email Management – filtering your emails and correspondence;
  • Professional-looking – documents, letters;
  • Supplier Liaison – invoicing, chasing payments;
  • Travel Arrangements – organizing business/personal travel, from research to booking.
  • Customer Relationship Management;
  • Designing posters & flyers;
  • Events;
  • Marketing Campaigns – creating contact information & documentation;
  • Website Design – set up and maintenance.
Ad-hoc jobs
  • Create Presentations;
  • Online Research;
  • Projects; and
  • Proof-reading (manuscripts; dissertations; and websites, for example).
To conclude,

Those are just some of the tasks virtual assistance can support you and your business with. A Virtual Assistant can do those routine jobs which need doing, but do not need to be done by you… neces-celery!


Finally, some Virtual Assistants – like ‘Qwerty Girl’ – specialise, for example in Social Media Marketing or Training.

Admin & Secretarial Services

Taking care of the details