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Targeted training for small business owners

Training workshopsTargeted training for Small Business Owners who want to quickly gain some basic skills and enough knowledge to create and maintain their own social media profiles, business/personal pages and sites.

These short sessions are ideal for people who are keen to improve their understanding of Social Media Marketing strategy. Also for those who wish to optimise their brand presence using the various free platforms available, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. The training is perfect for those who lack any time to study more than the basics.

Key Tips on how to improve your social media presence and skills in 1-2 hour workshops for individuals or small groups of up to 3 – 4 people. Training may be held online (via Skype, Hangouts) or at a mutually convenient venue.

A private Facebook group for support and questions is included.

Social Media Training

Improve your understanding of the power of Social Media Marketing. Learn what steps could next be taken which make the most of your social media presence – which includes personal/business profile and pages using several different platforms.

Bespoke training in the following free platforms is offered:


  • Personal Profile setup/improvement.
  • Business page setup; navigation; posts; content creation and marketing tips with the objective of improving your business brand image and online presence.

Duration: 2 hours @ £45.00 per person


  • Find out how to make the most of a personal LinkedIn Profile.
  • Create a Company Page and use it to promote your small business; or
  • Optimise Job Seeking opportunities.

Duration: 2.5 hours @ £60.00 per person


  • Valuable Tips and Information on how to set up a personal Twitter profile and post relevant content.
  • Includes how often it is best to post and, how to use lists and hashtags to improve your presence.

Duration: 2 hours @ £45.00 per person

Remember to ask if the social media platform you want to learn more about is not featured above, we may be able to offer some teaching to individuals via Skype.

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Learn a quick and easy way to release work-life stress and overwhelm with Qwerty Girl

If you have read the Personal Support or About pages, you already know Qwerty Girl is passionate about the self-help tool “Tapping” (known as EFT – short for Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Tapping is a quick and easy-to-learn tool used for releasing negative emotions, such as overwhelm, stress and lack of confidence. As emotions can often become ‘stuck’ in the body at a cellular level, they begin to affect our physical or mental health. Tapping has been found to help many people and would benefit overwhelmed small business owners who need confidence, good decision-making and strong boundaries to overcome the inevitable challenges enroute to success and profits.

As an accredited EFT Practitioner and Energy EFT Trainer (certified by the Guild of Energists), Michaela runs regular workshops to share the magic that is Tapping.

Visit Hopes Holistic Health for more information about the Energy Emotional Freedom Techniques (EEFT) Workshops.

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Social Media Marketing

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